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Who, you ask? Browse on to know more about his amazing entertainer who never fails to make anyone laugh and have a good time!

With Datuk Jeffrey Din.

With my Camel at my Raya event.

With Ning Baizura @ Pentas Panggung Anniversary

Performing with Dennis Lau.

Dato'Leonard with famous Hong Kong artiste...Ah Chan Koh

Another story of An Enchanting Evening
The story of how extraordinary Effort for Excellence came to be is perhaps its most endearing pull factor...Read More

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Have a Leonard laugh !!

Mat Sallehs who come to our country assume we are all a bunch of very pious people, try asking any Malaysian this question and they would go “Where got(d)?? “Got(d) meh??? Oh ya got got got got got!"


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Contact Number : +603-7803 3271

E-Mail : leonardtan@leonardtan.com.my


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