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About Leonard



          Being brought up in Penang and graduated in Canada, Leonard pursued his heart's desires and wishes in a career that many have failed, the Music Industry. He always had a passion for music, art and all things creative. It may surprise you to know that Leonard was one of the founding members of Positive Tone.

          Not only did Leonard produce his own albums 'Bintang Bukannya Satu', 'Leonard Tan' and 'Christmas with Leonard', they were chart topping albums. In his movie debut 'Ah Lok Kafe', which is the first Malaysian english comedy by Reggie Lee, he starred in the role as 'Ah Lok' himself. Playing a just and righteous 'Elvis' set in a Malaysian environment, he left all viewers with a good laugh.

          Now we all know how Leonard got the nicknames 'Maestro of a Thousand Voices' and 'The King of Jingles'. He has performed at corporate functions throughout Malaysia and is one of the most sought after entertainers. He sings, does stand-up comedies and impersonations of celebrities like Louis Armstrong, Bee Gees and even the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee. He is so unbelievably good that you have to see it, to believe it. He draws all his energy and inspiration from the audience, delivering an exciting and energetic performance. You may have even heard his voice or seen him on TV and radio commercials such as Gardenia, KFC, A&W, McDonalds, Hairpro, Proton, Prudential and probably a few hundreds more.

          Leonard had also contributed his part as an entertainer in ascertaining that the needy is also looked after, a list of his charity shows had seen the raising of big amounts of funds channelled to selected charitable bodies. "My wish is that the 'well-to-do' should always think about someone genuinely in need and do something for them. I have met many arrogant people whose mindset can never be changed, maybe a miracle may occur to 'help' them. I would rather hear, "Oh, I just donated a house to the disabled" rather than "Eh... I just bought another Rolls Royce and you know how many I have ah now??" Actually a number of average earners are even more generous than the so-called rich!"

          "However it is also sad to note that I have been 'taken for a ride' at times in charity events, sad-huh?"

          Leonard Tan Master Impressionist...... from Rod Stewart’s husky croon to The Stylistics.

          From Elvis to P. Ramlee, Louis Armstrong,Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Jacky Cheung, Nat King Cole, Cliff Richard, Neil Diamond, Alan Tham, The Platters, Bee Gees, Deep Purple, Elton John, Five for Fighting, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars a trumpet or even a trombone and etc.

          Leonard’s impressions of famous personalities are combined with a blend of comedy and music, his is funny and full of wit. And between the jokes, his amazing voice actually delivers the essence of some of the world's greatest singers .

          For some entertainment you can watch this awesome video :



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